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Transform Garden Spaces into Tropical Splendor


Create an instant oasis with hibiscus and mandevilla

With winter and its monochromatic landscape in the rearview mirror, it’s time to think spring bling with colorful plants for patios, porches and garden beds.

A vibrant outdoor experience doesn’t require endless hours of bending and digging. It’s as easy as pairing and potting the big, bright blooms of hibiscus and mandevilla found in the new Tropic Escape Patio Collection from Costa Farms, a family-owned plant grower in southern Florida.

“From the busy homeowner to the small-space apartment dweller, the Tropic Escape Patio Collection offers brilliant, full-color outdoor interest from spring through fall,” says Karen Weir-Jimerson, garden editor and expert for Costa Farms. “Best yet, these plants bloom non-stop and are easy to care for.”

Whether in the far reaches of Maine or the sun of the South, Tropic Escape will turn any patio or deck into an outdoor oasis.

 Tropic Escape Hibiscus

No plant offers a touch of the tropics quite like Tropic Escape hibiscus. This brightly colored flowering shrub bursts with some of the biggest, most flamboyant blooms around — up to seven inches across! And the color range and mixes are enough to make even a rainbow jealous.

Sold in their own citrus-hued deco pot, adding color to your patio or porch is as easy as placing the plants and enjoying the instant view. Or, simply pot them up in existing containers, alone or in groupings with other plants.

“The deep-green, shiny leaves of the Tropic Escape hibiscus provide a perfect backdrop for its own showy blossoms and other colorful plants,” according to Weir-Jimerson.

 Tropic Escape Mandevilla

With a trumpet-shaped flower that heralds the glory of summer sunshine, the Tropic Escape mandevilla brightens outdoor spaces all season long. Thriving in hot summer weather, it pumps out flowers in pink, red, fuchsia and white.

“The beauty of the Tropic Escape mandevilla is not just in its blossoms—it’s in the plant’s ability to make a home just about anywhere,” notes Weir-Jimerson.

Whether in fantastic pottery, lush window boxes or in a garden bed, this twining and climbing plant splashes its tropical splendor wherever it goes.

“Have them climb along a trellis or fence, trail from containers and window boxes, or crawl along and over a garden bed—wherever they land, these mandevillas sparkle,” adds Weir-Jimerson.

For an even more lush affair, pair Tropic Escape hibiscus and mandevilla together in the same combo pot or in-ground planting. A humdrum porch becomes a tropical paradise instantly — and with very little fuss.

With just the right placement and routine care, the Tropic Escape hibiscus and mandevilla will grow and bloom gloriously from spring to fall. A few easy-care tips include:

Tropic Escape Hibiscus:

Light: High
Temperature: Above 35F
Water: Keep moist but not wet or in standing water
Fertilizer: Apply a bloom-promoting fertilizer during the flowering season
Repotting: Replant hibiscus in a larger sized pot with fresh soil in spring

Tropic Escape Mandevilla

Light: High
Temperature: Above 50F
Water: Once weekly; do not let soil dry out
Fertilizer: Apply a well-balanced, water-soluble fertilizer every two to three weeks
Repotting: Transplant into a larger pot right after purchase
A backyard getaway is just moments away, thanks to the Tropic Escape Patio Collection. Find these hibiscus and mandevilla under the bright-red Tropic Escape umbrella at your local home improvement store or mass merchandiser. For more care information, visit costafarms.com and check out the video tips there.

Tropic Escape Hibiscus & Mandevilla from Costa Farms

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