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Scene in the Woodlands, Whitney Montgomery November 2016

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Dear Readers,

November is my favorite month of the year for so many reasons, but most of all because it’s a time focused on giving thanks. As the last two months of 2016 seem to fly by, I hope you will stop and take a moment to give thanks for the blessings that you have in your life. Whether that is the gift of family, friends, health, community, peace or freedom – nothing is too big or too small to be thankful for. Each day is a blessing, no matter the circumstance. I cannot express how grateful I am to have the opportunity to write to each of you every month. I LOVE meeting our readers and being able to connect with so many organizations. What a blessing each of you are to me and our magazine!

My challenge to you is to make a list of five things you are thankful for each morning before you start your day. Starting November 1, make it a habit to get up and say or write these five things. You can even make this a family challenge as well. It will be so uplifting to have each person focus on the positive in a world where it can sometimes be so easy to hear negative all around us. I will start. Here are the five things I am most thankful for: my husband, my children, my church, my friends, and the chance I have in healthcare to take care of patients. What are you thankful for?

I will continue to be out and about this month, so you too can be “Scene in The Woodlands!” Keep me posted on your upcoming events! I LOVE to hear from you! If you would like to send high resolution photos from your events, please email them to whitney@gmont.com Please be sure to send photos original size (do not reduce for email) and include the names of all people.


Hope Under The Stars

HOPE Under the Stars is a special event for The Will Herndon Fund for Juvenile Batten Disease Research at Beyond Batten Disease Foundation. Their mission of HOPE is to help fund a treatment or cure for the devastating and fatal condition Juvenile Batten disease that affects young Will Herndon, who is very dear to my heart and to so many in our community.

“Our mission is simple: Find a treatment to save Will,” said Missy Herndon, Will’s mom and fund founder.”We started HOPE Under the Stars in November 2009 in The Woodlands to assist in fulfilling our mission. Each year since, this event has grown providing the means to accelerate research into a treatment and a cure for Juvenile Batten disease. We are in a literal race against time to save Will and hundreds of children like him. Private funding is crucial to meet our mission. “ Beyond Batten Disease Foun­dation supports research to treat and cure Batten disease, which is a rare, fatal, inherited, neuro-degenerative disorder that strikes young children. For more information, visit willherndon.org.

Photo credit: Jen McDonald Designs

hope-under-the-stars1 hope-under-the-stars2 hope-under-the-stars3

1) Dr Marco Sardiello, Missy Herndon, Senator Brandon Creighton

2) Table decorations honoring Will Herndon

3) Jen and John Bulovas

4) Alexa Currie and Stevi Venable

5) Amy and Scott Young

6) Missy, Will, and Wayne Herndon

7) Pastor Mark Sorenson and Nycki Sorenson

8) Amy Toress and Jenny Coyle

9) DJ Lucy Wrubel

10) Todd and Michelle Hewgley

11) Angela Banzhaf , Nicole Murphy, Missy Herndon, and Nicole Jahnke

12) Wendy Judy and Julie Lile


Denim And Diamonds Gala

Denim and Diamonds is vital to Panther Creek Inspiration Ranch’s sustainability and growth. This gala provides funding to support riding scholarships for our children and young adults with disabilities. Nestled among the towering pines in Spring lies Inspiration Ranch; a special place where remarkable learning opportunities and personal victories are happening everyday. Inspiration Ranch breaks down barriers and celebrates the inclusion of individuals with physical, emotional, and social disabilities. The facility offers exceptional equine assisted therapy and activities in a loving Christian environment. To learn more, visit pciranch.org.

denim-and-diamonds-gala1 denim-and-diamonds-gala2

1) Denny McGuire, MG Tindall and Richard Wright

2) Elaine Turner speaking

3) Gary and Debbie Packer

4) Meg Shaheen,Alison Amato,Melinda Holt, Lisa Fay,Deborah Barnette,Beth Sova, Angela Caveney,Millie Fitzpatrick

5) Kristi Marimon and George Lindahl III

6) John Bracken, Myrna and Mike Karlins

7) Peggy Boyce, Cris Emmons and Kelly Davis

8) Jonathan Homeyer, Danny and Margaret Fritz

9) Heather and Shane Wilbur, Marty McGuire, Jason and Stacey Parten

10) Michelle and Jim Little and Sue Netherton


Chamber Of Commerce Cards And Cocktails

This third annual casino-themed event hosted by The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce offered guests an opportunity to enjoy popular gaming activities such as blackjack, craps, roulette and a poker tournament. Participants joined in on a Texas Hold`em tournament advancing down to the Final Table with fabulous prizes and a raffle. The event included a reception and live entertainment at the beautiful Wild Stallion Vineyard. For more information on chamber events visit woodlandschamber.org.

chamber-of-commerce-cards-and-cocktails1 chamber-of-commerce-cards-and-cocktails2

1) Seth Montgomery, Matt Krause, Chris Salak, and Russell Schmid

2) Maya and Hank Fasthoff

3) Haley Castenada and Ashley Milam

4) Judy and Raymond Duroy

5) JJ Hollie, Paco Rivera, and Scott Harper

6) Marifer Zambrano, Olga West, and Celeste Briggs


Wine, Women And Shoes Breast Cancer Benefit

Wine, Women and Shoes held at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott was an absolutely fabulous event and definitely one that guests will remember for the heartwarming fashion show, which featured breast cancer survivors and those close to them as models. There was wine tasting, shoe and accessory shopping galore, a dazzling fashion show, exciting silent and live auctions, dream closet raffle, charming shoe guys and more! Proceeds benefitted iGoPink and The Breast Cancer Charities of America. For more details visit iGoPink.org.

wine-women-and-shoes-breast-cancer-benefit1 wine-women-and-shoes-breast-cancer-benefit2 wine-women-and-shoes-breast-cancer-benefit3

1) Heather Roberson, Jamie Meyers, Amy Hair, and Amy Lampman

2) Dr. David and Maria Ellent

3) Cheryl Tyson and Charlotte Davis

4) Michelle Ranzato, Allison MacEachern, and Shanna Edge

5) Adriana Siller and Cresta Castillo

6) Scott Berryman, Jerod Davenport, Bo Pounds, and Brett Eaton

7) Ann Marie Reigrut getting ready to walk the runway

8) Kayla Sebastian, Kristen Blanchard, Kimberly Willing, and Sabrina Romero

9) iGoPink Executive Director Erica A. Johnson addresses the crowd




Scene in the Woodlands, Whitney Montgomery November 2016

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