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Scene in the Woodlands, Whitney Montgomery February 2017

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Dear Readers,

Love is definitely in the air. Valentine’s Day is coming up and it always creates an atmosphere of romance and giving. The love and dedication that our community puts into creating the most amazing events and fundraising activities never changes. There is so much detail and planning involved and I want you to know that it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. I personally thank each and every one of you for the countless hours and commitment that it takes to make all of this happen each month.

The message of love surrounding Valentine’s Day is one that should be remembered every day of the year. So often we wait for a special occasion to let other people know we love them or that we are thinking about them. Life is busy, but time is something we can never get back. I encourage all of us to find a way to express love to those people in our life who have made an impact in some way. This could be a gift, words of affirmation, a hug, or simply a smile to say thank you. This year I am asking each of you to “choose love.”

If you are looking for some events to attend that are both fun and a way to give back to the community, please consider joining us at this year’s Taste of the Town on Feb. 9, Open Your Purse for Change Luncheon on Feb. 16, and the Mont­gomery County AHA Heart Ball on Feb. 18. There are countless other exciting things to do as well.

I will continue to be out and about this month, so you too can be “Scene in The Woodlands!” Keep me posted on your upcoming events! I LOVE to hear from you! If you would like to send high resolution photos from your events, please send them original size, include the names of all people in the photo and email to whitney@gmont.com.

Choose Love,



Montgomery County New Year’s Eve
Masquerade Ball

Guests were ready to “Unmask the New Year” at La Torretta Lake Resort and Spa on December 31 for the most amazing New Year’s Eve Montgomery County has ever seen! All of the funds raised were donated to Orphan Care Solutions of Texas, a nonprofit organization that began right here in Montgomery county three years ago.  In 2013, Orphan Care Solutions of Texas began a journey that has reshaped the way, not only our community handles foster care, but now how our state handles it as well. It is through these relationships and collaboration with churches that Orphan Care Solutions of Texas helps provide for the needs of all the children in our foster care system.  For more information please visit orphancaresolutions.com.

Montgomery-County-New-Year’s-Eve--Masquerade-Ball1 Montgomery-County-New-Year’s-Eve--Masquerade-Ball2 Montgomery-County-New-Year’s-Eve-Masquerade-Ball3 

1) Robin Moore and Shaune Stauffer Bagwell.

2) Bobby Rutherford and Svitlana Achkasova.

3) Congressman Kevin Brady, John Hamati, and Cathy Brady.

4) Chelsea Munday and Cindi Spicer.

5) Connor O’Brien, Alexandria Trevino, and Emily Trevino.

6) Gabby Schmees and Janis Schmees.

7) Tony Garza and Amy Davis.

8) Steven Banes and Terri Jaggers.

9) Illusionist, Caeser the Mystic.

10) Adam Jaggers proposing to Andi Noyes. She said yes! (Proposal photo credit: Edward Matthews Photography)



The John Cooper School’s 12th Annual
Signatures Author Series

This annual event is always one of my favorites. Hosted at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel and Convention Center and with over 700 in attendance, funds were raised to benefit the Montgomery County Memorial Library System. Featured speaker was Cheryl Strayed, author of WILD. There were 14 visiting authors: Sylvia Casarea, C.B. Davis, Pam Franks, Gabriel Garcia, S.A. Hodges, Kathryn Lane, Roger Leslie, Ph.D., Denise Liotta-Dennis, Curt Locklear, Dawn D. Mitchell, Joy Preble, Kristin Rae, Valerie Sweeten, and Belle Whittington.

Visit johncooper.org/specialevents for more information.

The-John-Cooper-School’s-12th-Annual-Signatures-Author-Series1 The-John-Cooper-School’s-12th-Annual-Signatures-Author-Series2

1) Steering committee: (front) Patty Black (visiting authors), Meg Garrison (Co-Chair), Denise Hayes (Co-Chair), Lisa Hollingsworth (visiting authors); (back) – Heather Vaughn (decorations), Christine Winston (marketing), Susan DeMarco (book sales), keynote speaker Cheryl Strayed, Christie Swanbeck (drawing), Patty Carter (volunteers).

2) At the VIP reception. This group of women has attended all 12 Signatures luncheons.

3) 2016 Visiting Authors

4) Cheryl Strayed prior to signing a handcrafted pecan and white oak bench.

5) At the VIP reception before the main event: Yvette Aquino, Dr. Lynn Maher, Kate Maher, Stacey Bourque, Head of School of The John Cooper School Mike Maher, Sheila Rogers, Heather Avant, Kathryn Hyland, Dawn Rawson, and Julie Steinberg.

6) Keynote speaker Cheryl Strayed.

7) Denise Hayes and Meg Garrison (event co-chairs for second consecutive year.)

8) Meg Garrison, Denise Hayes, and Heather Vaughn.

9) Ty Tillman, Johnna Edone, Iram Taylor, Tracey O’Neil, Rhonda Salerno, Shirelle Chimenti, Denise Lipar, and Brenda Bannerman.

10) Cooper Fine Arts Council members Lourdes Flanagan and Lynn Brus.



New Year’s Eve with the Roemers,
Benefitting The Joe Niekro Foundation

There were 200 guests from Houston and The Woodlands in attendance at the residence of Lamar and Theresa Roemer for New Year’s Eve. Heart to Heart was the fabulous band. This was a time of fellowship, fun, and giving back. The event benefitted The Joe Niekro Foundation, which was established in 2007 and is the “brain child” of Joe’s daughter, Natalie Niekro. Joe Niekro was a 22-year veteran of major league baseball who suddenly lost his life at age 61 from a cerebral brain aneurysm in October 2006. The astonishing lack of public awareness and under-support of research led to the launch of a crusade to educate and encourage awareness about brain aneurysms and other cerebral disorders.

The Joe Niekro Foundation is committed to supporting patients and families, research, treatment and awareness of brain aneurysms, AVMs and hemorrhagic strokes. The Foundation provides education on the risk factors, causes and treatments of these conditions,  while funding the advancement of neurological research. For more information please visit joeniekrofoundation.com.

Photo credits: Susan Lee Photography.

 New-Years-Eve-with-the-Roemers,-Benefitting-the-Joe-Niekro-Foundation-1 New-Years-Eve-with-the-Roemers,-Benefitting-the-Joe-Niekro-Foundation-2

1) Brian and Lois deArmas, Dr. Andy and Tammie Johnson, Staci and Dr. Quan Henderson.

2) Sandy Morrow and Christina Clark.

3) Tracy Faulkner and Harry Faulkner.

4) Anika Jackson, John Newinn.

5) Mallory Roemer, LB Roemer, Lamar Roemer,

Theresa Roemer.

6) Melissa Rascon, Amanda Abiassi, Taylor Minter, Dr. Andy Johnson, Tammie Johnson, Stan Abiassi.

7) Staci Henderson, Matt Burrus, Michael Pearce, Theresa Roemer, Dr. Quan Henderson.

8) Nancy and Dennis Proctor, Susan and Mike Larson.

9) Anabelle Carillo, Chris Carillo, Janet Amador.

10) Mr. and Mrs. Allison Booker Brooks.

11) Mary Alice and Barry Haest.

12) Janet Wong and Ron Mullins.➝

Scene in the Woodlands, Whitney Montgomery February 2017



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