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Let There Be (Better) Light : The EzClipse Innovation





An Easy-To-Install Patented Design Reduces Glare From Recessed Lighting Fixtures And Updates The Decor Of Any Room
Looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade your home lighting? The innovative EzClipse can transform any room, from traditional to modern, into something different, even on a daily basis. No tools are needed — simply use the patented magnetic feature to snap on a sleek addition to any recessed lighting fixture and instantly change the look and feel of the room.

The idea for EzClipse came to inventor Kory Keogan over eight years ago. While watching television one evening, he was bothered by the glare from a recessed light. Ever the problem-solver, Keogan tried to think of a way to redirect the light, or at least diffuse it to reduce the glare. He built a prototype using two magnets, fishing line, and a convex mirror. Little did he know that his crude prototype eventually would become a revolutionary, innovative product: EzClipse Decor for Recessed Lighting.


EzClipse is the quickest way to instantly transform the look and feel of your living room, family room, kitchen, basement, or whichever part of your home needs a refresh. EzClipse uses a patented magnetic fastening system so you just attach it in seconds, and it stays there — a truly instant transformation. It’s the quick, trendy and “EZ” way to update your decor.


With EzClipse, there’s no mess, so there’s no cleanup. There’s also no labor required, so there’s no wasted time. You don’t need any tools or any knowledge whatsoever of design, construction, or wiring. That’s what makes it the best, easiest product on the market to breathe new life into your dated home decor.


Here’s how easy it is to install EzClipse: Set it into place on the trim of your pot light or can light, and the magnet does the work. That’s it — you’re done! — and your room gets a whole new look. It’s available in universal sizes, and it’s compatible with more than 85 percent of all the recessed lights out there.

EzClipse has assembled a diverse team of experts who combined to create the right ingredients for success. Throughout the development of EzClipse, that team ensured that the product would require no tools, and despite some challenges along the way, stayed true to that goal. Many years of research, dedication, design and engineering led to the product’s patented magnetic design.

After all that hard work, EzClipse is ready to hit the market, The company aims to become the industry leader in decor for the recessed lighting space and will continue to evolve while staying ahead of the trends. EzClipse is blazing a trail in this brand-new product category… and changing the face of recessed lighting as we know it.

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