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Get the Most out of your Senior Year in High School

A plus grade in the notebook,flat icon with long shadow,eps10

A plus grade in the notebook,flat icon with long shadow,eps10

Grades are important

Don’t slack off, even in the second semester. Many universities look at second-semester grades and will rescind a scholarship if your GPA sinks dramatically. Your grades this year could be the difference between a scholarship or not.

Take as many advanced level courses as possible

Hope to be able to “test out” of them before starting your college freshman year. This would be a great head start and could help lighten the course load in college.




Take a personality or occupational assessment

Better understand yourself and your best career matches.



Get a part-time job

Get an idea of how the workplace functions. But while part-time jobs are a valuable life experience and a chance to earn money, grades should never suffer. Don’t let a boss over-schedule you.



Don’t take yourself or your situation too seriously

Laugh often. Look forward to tomorrow, but enjoy today.



Establish a spirit of community service

Get started volunteering now to make it a lifelong commitment. In school or out, there is always something that needs to be done, whether it will benefit one person or a whole community.


God Almighty

If you make a mistake, don’t dwell on it.

Examine your behavior to see what you can learn from the mistake. You didn’t set out to do something wrong. Better to learn at this young age than later in the School of Hard Knocks. Talk to your parents about these kinds of situations — they’d love to help you if you let them.


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Read as much as you can for fun

Once you hit college your reading time will be occupied with textbooks, which is completely useful but not exactly relaxing.







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Take chances

You may not ever get the chance to ask that guy/girl out again, try out for that play, run that race… so do it now. In other words, don’t be afraid to take some risks… if nothing else, you’ll create some good memories by doing so. Remember the wise words from Andrew in The Breakfast Club (a movie appreciated by high schoolers in the 1980s): “We’re all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all.”



Go to prom or an alternative prom

Prom may not be your thing, but celebrating the end of high school is something that no one should miss. Either go to prom in an epic way or throw an alternative bash with your BFFs. Why miss an opportunity to dance the night away with your friends?



Apologize to someone you treated poorly

Take this time to make amends to anyone you have mistreated. Offer an apology, if not in person then with a letter or email. The person will likely appreciate it, and you will feel a lot better about yourself going forward.


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Keep a blog or online scrapbook

Chronicle both everyday and special moments during senior year. You’ll appreciate it later when you want to reflect on those meaningful events.



Say thank you to everyone who supported you in high school

You couldn’t have done it alone. Tell your favorite teachers, friends, the lunch room ladies and anyone else how much they meant to you.



Focus on fitness

If you don’t exercise, start. Try out for different sports. College freshmen traditionally gain a moderate amount of weight, so it’s a good idea to begin a workout regimen now with the stress level of senior year. This way, you’ll be in the habit of doing it from now on.


be you

Even though high school can be clique-y, you have to be your own person

Date whoever you want, even if your friends don’t think he/she is cool enough. Something might seem unpopular to the masses, but does it make you happy? Get involved in a school club or activity or attend a school event you normally wouldn’t. It’s your last chance to explore the world with this particular group of classmates.


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Clean up your social media presence

Whether you’re going to college or starting a new job, chances are that someone will look you up online. Does your social media presence show your best “you” to the world? If you don’t want a professor or boss to see a photo or comment, hit delete.



Be proud of yourself

Whether you loved or hated high school, you should feel proud of this accomplishment!

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