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Thomas P. McHugh, M.D.

Dr. Thomas McHugh, board-certified plastic surgeon, is among the most sought-after and reputable experts in body contouring surgery in the greater Houston area. One of only 10 plastic surgeons in the nation, Dr. McHugh recently attended the NOVO Council of Leaders in Breast Aesthetics conference in California. Last year, Dr. McHugh was honored to be one of four U.S. plastic surgeons invited to evaluate a new silicone breast implant at the renowned Victoria Clinic. The new stable, cohesive gel silicone implant will allow surgeons to actually shape the breast, resulting in a much more natural look.
Dr. McHugh has received much recognition in the field of plastic surgery and aesthetics. Since 2004, the American Consumer Research Council has annually named Dr. McHugh as a Top Physician in his field. He is also frequently a guest on CBS’s Great Day Houston. In private practice since 1991, Dr. McHugh is a member of many prestigious professional societies, including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons, Houston Society of Plastic Surgeons, Texas Medical Association and the Harris County Medical Society.
800 Peakwood, Ste. 8C (FM 1960 Near I-45), Houston

Male Menopause

New Horizons Medical Clinic

Andropause, also known as male menopause, is caused by a decline in male testosterone levels. As men approach their 30s, they begin to gradually lose testosterone at a rate of 2 percent annually. As a result, many men will notice symptoms like the following:
•Weight Gain •Irritability
•Poor Memory •Male Breast
•Decreased Sex Drive •Erectile Dysfunction
•Difficulty Losing Weight •Decreased Muscle Mass
•Decrease In Strength •Poor Energy/ Fatigue
•Hot Flashes •Night Sweats
In addition to diminishing testosterone, some men may have an increase in DHT levels which is linked to hair loss. Others may have an increase in estrogen which may be the cause of hot flashing and male breast, just to mention a few. The U.S census bureau estimate 4-5 million men have symptoms of low testosterone levels, however only 5-10 of these men will seek treatment.
25510 I-45 North, Ste. 201, Spring

Full Service Vein Treatment Clinic

The Vein Treatment Center

The Vein Treatment Center is a full-service vein treatment clinic staffed by licensed and trained vascular surgeons whose sole focus is treating vein disease. They specialize in treating all stages of varicose veins and spider veins. Their varicose vein treatment and spider vein treatment services include: EVLT®, Sclerotherapy, Duplex Ultrasound and Ambulatory Phlebectomy.
With locations in Houston and The Woodlands, they are easily accessible from most locations in the Houston area.
4840 West Panther Creek, Suite 107
281-900-5912 or 713-533-0535

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