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Books Reviews August 2015

conran on color


In Conran on Color, Terence Conran shares a lifetime of experience as one of the world’s leading designers and retailers to explain how to make the most of this vibrant and dynamic ingredient in your home. Subtle and allusive, bold and invigorating, color is one of the single most powerful elements in design and decoration and one of the most affordable. Even its absence makes its presence felt. Conran references a wide range of sources, from nature to fashion to street markets and works of art and reveals how to translate those examples to your home.


all points patchwork


Thanks to the rediscovery of a traditional technique known as English paper piecing, dating to the late 1700s, success in patchworking is now possible. All Points Patchwork, by Diane Gilleland, is a complete course in English paper piecing techniques. This ingenious method instructs sewists to cut the desired shapes from paper first, baste the paper to the back of the fabric, and then hand-sew the pieces together before removing the basting and paper templates to achieve perfectly matched points every time.


growing the southwest garden


Due to extreme temperatures and drought, the challenge of gardening in the Southwest is greater than ever. In Growing the Southwest Garden, Judith Philips has created an essential guide to gardening for the region. You’ll learn how to meld your dreams of a lush outdoor space with the realities of the site you have by understanding soils and climate, choosing stunning plants suited to climate extremes, and maintaining a healthy and beautiful garden. Living in a demanding environment doesn’t mean giving up on growing a dazzling and drought-resistant garden.


increase decrease


The key to a beautifully finished knitting project is in knowing how to use the right increase or decrease technique to shape the knitting. In Increase, Decrease Judith Durant expertly guides knitters in making the right decisions for every project, whether you want your decrease to be a design element or your increase to be invisible. This guide is a valuable toolkit of 99 methods for increasing and decreasing knitting stitches. Each method includes step-by-step how-to photographs, swatches showing the look of the featured stitch, and a list of best uses for each.


the cancer fighting diet


In The Cancer Fighting Diet, Dr. Johannes F. Coy shares how mechanisms in your body can lead to the development and spread of cancer cells. Understanding the causes of what is happening inside your body helps you implement the recommendations in this guide. Using these recipes and nutritional strategies, you will cut down on sugar in order to deplete the strength and replicatory power of the cancer cells while you’re in treatment. Since the cells thrive and multiply on sugar, reducing and/or eliminating sugar quite literally starves them. Once you realize the importance of diet for your health, you’ll become active in your fight against cancer and more energetic.


the essiential guide to women's herbal medicine


Botanical medicine is one of the main therapies employed by naturopathic doctors, and many women are now turning to natural remedies for treating and preventing health problems, either as an alternative or as a complement to conventional health care. In Women’s Herbal Medicine, Dr. Cyndi Gilbert provides an outstanding reference for herbal medicine treatments that meet the distinctive needs of women. Covering topics from anemia and dysmenorrhea to pregnancy, menopause and endometriosis, and featuring over 50 herbs, this is an indispensable guide for women suffering from a range of maladies.



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