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Book Reviews May 2105



Infographic Guide to Literature presents unique, witty and surprising details about literature, from Shakespeare and Austen to Nabakov and Orwell, to George R. R. Martin and E. L. James. With fascinating stats and all the facts on your favorite writers, poets and playwrights, it features infamous tales from behind the scenes of the literary world. Celebrating the power of words with graphs, Venn diagrams and charts, this book provides a unique overview of iconic figures in literature, and boasts 100 original artworks and illustrations.


teenagers 101


A veteran high school teacher and mom who has dealt with all the angst, stress and worries, Rebecca Deurlein, Ed. D., offers insights and answers in Teenagers 101: What a Top Teacher Wishes You Knew About Helping Your Kid Succeed. Informed by in-depth research into the teenage mind and educational leaders’ best practices for reaching it, Dr. Deurlein’s advice is based on sound principles and psychology. It’s also real, timely and practical, backed by what she’s learned from observing and listening to thousands of teenagers. She shares revelations into what teenagers want, need and fear, and how they feel and think.


making & using vinegar


Vinegar can turn any dish from boring to extraordinary by making savory, sweet and spicy flavors pop with personality. In Making & Using Vinegar, Chef Bill Collins explains the five-step vinegar making process, which only takes 15 minutes, with delicious vinegars ready to use in just a few weeks. He also illustrates how to infuse them with different flavor agents like garlic, raspberry or citrus. And after you have the process down, Chef Bill offers a variety of recipes to showcase the ingredient’s unique versatility.




In Weightless: My Life as a Fat Man and How I Escaped, Gregg McBride shares that he grew up in an abusive, unstable environment, and food was always his escape. He was the quintessential food addict and felt the shame of it at every turn. In this book, McBride hopes to help others who are struggling with weight and food addiciton break through the clutter of messages about weight loss out there and find a plan that works. Though he was the funny fat guy to friends and family, there wasn’t anything funny about how he felt about himself. He also shares how a co-worker’s suggestion to “just stop eating so much” became his mantra.

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