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Book Reviews June 2016



Despite all the planning in the world, nothing can really prepare a soon-to-be new parent for that big step after the baby is born. Written by leading pediatric experts in a friendly, easy-to-understand style, Baby Care Basics offers a comprehensive guide to help parents make the right choices for that new baby. In full color, the book is engaging and user-friendly. It covers all the essential topics from a baby’s birth, first few days, growth, development, breast-and formula-feeding, introducing solid food, to sleeping through the night and much more.




Saving butterflies helps to save the earth. In Gardening for Butterflies, learn exactly how to protect and nurture the most beloved garden guests, nature’s kaleidoscopes with wings. The Xerces Society provides home gardeners with everything they need to create a beautiful, beneficial, butterfly-filled garden. The book introduces readers to a variety of butterflies that need help and provides suggestions for native plants to attract them, habitat designs to help them thrive, and garden practices to accommodate all their stages of life, no matter the size of your garden space.




Infuse, by Santa Cruz-based clinical herbalists Paula Grainger and Karen Sullivan, presents a lovely and effective array of creative herbal tea blends for cleansing, rejuvenation, digestion, sleep circulation, soothing the nervous system, calming the mind and much more. Herbal teas possess the extraordinary power of nature’s most potent healing ingredients. With beautiful, inspiring photos and 70 expertly formulated recipes for tasty, soothing, caffeine-free infusions, tea tips and a directory of ingredients, well-being is only sips away.




In Juice Guru, by Steve and Julie Prussack, readers are encouraged to add one juice a day to their routine and experience a life-changing transformation. A daily juice provides boundless energy, youthful vibrancy, a slimmer figure, sharper focus and improved health, and prompts a desire to make healthier food choices in general. Juicing isn’t difficult, and the results are almost immediate. Juice Guru demystifies juicing and helps readers incorporate this regime into a daily lifestyle choice. In addition to a 21-day plan, 100 flavorful fruit and vegetable juices are featured, all bursting with nutrients that will give enough energy to get through the day, whether at home, work or play.




In Naturally Bug-Free, readers learn to make all-natural insect repellents for the body, home and pets. Though brands such as Burt’s Bees, All Terrain and Badger are commonly available in drugstores, homemade alternatives are less expensive and easily customizable with a favorite scent or ingredient. Best-selling author Stephanie Tourles shows how easy and fun these recipes can be in this collection of 75 original, nontoxic formulas for repelling mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, ants and other irritating insects. In addition to recipes, the book includes an ingredient dictionary that explains the properties of all the essential oils, herbs and other key ingredients.




It’s an undisputed truth that music and booze go hand-in-hand, so what better way to improve your favorite songs than by pairing them with a tailor-made cocktail? Pretty Fly for a Mai Tai presents the perfect combo of Rock’n’Roll and Cocktail, aka The Rocktail, which is defined as “A rock-based cocktail, guzzled while listening to classic rock, lightly hanging one’s head, probably making the devil-horn band sign and generally exhibiting the spirit of rock’n’roll excess.” Side A gives a quick overview of the basics: glassware, equipment, techniques and spirits along with a selection of Old Time Rock’n’Roll classics. Side B moves on to the modern age.

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