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Book Reviews February 2018

Texas Modern

Texas Modern gives readers an up-close look into the Lone Star State’s innovative contemporary architecture and design scenes by showcasing a stunning range of modern homes. Set out with beautiful full-color photography and laden with intricate plans and drawings, this book delves into the finer details of trending architectural styles. Get a peek at the exquisite kitchens, glorious living spaces, sumptuous bedrooms, luxurious bathrooms, spectacular outdoor entertaining areas, and other delightful spaces, including a private yoga studio, from this larger-than-life and unique American state.


Eat at Home

Author Voula Halliday believes that fresh food is the ultimate start to good health, and that standing in your own kitchen cooking your own food is a powerful way to take care of yourself and your family. In Eat at Home, Voula shows readers how easy it is to cook fresh, healthy, tasty meals every day of the week. This book includes how to buy only what you will use, use everything you have on hand, swap ingredients without sweating it, and transform extras into “Loveable Leftovers” so you waste nothing. Voula’s recipes are tested, tasted and true.


Container Gardening Complete

Whether you want to grow flowers, herbs, fruits or vegetables on a tiny urban patio or a large suburban lot, Container Gardening Complete is a thorough and visual guide to get you growing quickly. Included are fool-proof directions, designs and projects, in addition to hundreds of full-color photographs and other helpful visuals. The three pillars of successful container gardening are introduced, and through them, readers learn all the ins and outs of gardening in containers as well as charts of the very best ornamental, herb, vegetable and fruit varieties for container growing.


Dream Big the Universe Is Listening

Dream Big the Universe Is Listening takes you on a journey into the greater mystery of the universe. Learn step by step, through fascinating stories, how to manifest your goals and dreams. At the same time you dream big, you create a better life for yourself and the planet. We are living in a consciousness interactive universe. For you to become the master of your destiny, you need to dive into your subconscious mind and reach into your super-consciousness. Travel with author Ilona Selke across the globe and into other levels of consciousness, as she describes in easy to follow steps, just how magical life really is.


Heavy Timber Structures

Each of the dominant structural building materials — wood, metal, and masonry — has its advantages, but none is as intertwined with the human spirit as wood. In Heavy Timber Structures, 35 public buildings illustrate how heavy timber framing can address structure, economics, aesthetics, and sustainability. Timber framing can also have a positive effect on human emotions and physiology. More than 450 photos, plans and diagrams show how wood framing components from solid timbers to glulams and peeled logs are designed for durability and expressiveness. The finished projects aptly demonstrate what it means not only to shape buildings but how they shape human beings.


Live a Beautiful Life

You too can live a beautiful life. All you need is the right mindset, a passion to reach for your dreams and a healthy relationship with the food you eat and your body. Jesinta Campbell, former Miss Universe contestant and current David Jones fashion ambassador, Australian television presenter and working model, has collected her favorite recipes, best exercise plans, top beauty tips and tricks and a guide to help you map your goals in her first book, Live A Beautiful Life. A stunning illustrated volume filled with Jesinta’s personality and positive outlook, this is a gorgeous and essential guide to living a happy and fulfilled life.

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