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Transitional Design Takes Dated Home from Drab to Sophisticated

A Dorian Webb chandelier from their former residence finds a new home in the breakfast room and is enhanced with the addition of Murano glass.

Couple Sees Potential In Older Home

When a couple has been married for 40 years, life- and homestyle preferences are pretty well-defined and mutually understood. Additionally, when they’re longtime Hous­tonians, they know which part of town and which neighborhoods they are inclined to call home. Read the full story »

Houston Ground Angels Provide Free Transportation Houston Ground Angels Provide Free Transportation

Volunteers help out-of-town patients get to Houston medical facilities
By Virginia Black
Anyone whose life has been touched by cancer or any life-threatening illness usually appreciates having a helping hand with expenses and lowering stress levels. Volunteers …

Top 20 Tips for Creating “Top Down” Curb Appeal Top 20 Tips for Creating “Top Down” Curb Appeal

Kate Smith will be appearing at the 13th Annual Fall Home & Garden Show in The Woodlands at the Waterway Marriott, August 22 and 23.  Visit woodlandsshows.com for more details.
Improvements, Updates And Pops Of Color Are Part Of The Plan
By Kate …

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Devin & Shaylor
MEMORABLE WEDDINGS <br>Devin & Shaylor</br>

Devin Beach remembers praying every day in high school for her future husband. She didn’t know it at the time, but he was sitting in the youth group just a few chairs away! Shaylor Tillman …

Scene in the Woodlands, Missy Herndon Scene in the Woodlands, Missy Herndon

FOR GALAS, PARTIES, LUNCHEONS:  Email: missyherndon@yahoo.com
AND OTHER HAPPENINGS: editor@lifestyles-magazines.com
Dear Readers,
“Spirit of Generosity, that is what makes The Woodlands so unique.” A dear friend shares this …

Around Town Around Town

“Pink Pals” – an initiative launched this year by the Memorial Hermann In the Pink of Health committee – is raising funds …

Fashion – What’s in Stores Now Fashion –  What’s in Stores Now

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Creativity Flows in Bath Design Winners Creativity Flows in Bath Design Winners

Designers Plumb Their Creative Depths To Give Homeowners Unique Spaces

Arts & Antiques by Dr. Lori
Buying Tips for Travelers
Arts & Antiques by Dr. Lori<br> Buying Tips for Travelers

Lori Verderame on Google+

Dr. Lori, Celebrity Ph.D. antiques appraiser, Dr. Lori hosts antiques appraisal events worldwide. Dr. Lori is the star appraiser on Discovery channel.   Visit www.DrLoriV.com, www.Facebook.com/DoctorLori, Lori Verderame on Google+or call (888) 431-1010.
By …

Spa Space at Home Spa Space at Home

The Ultimate Upgrades For The Master Bath
By Elizabeth Anthony
Your home’s bathroom is likely a sanctuary in your home — far more than just a toilet, sink, shower and/or tub. You may soak away your worries …

Don’t Sugar Coat Our Future Don’t Sugar Coat Our Future

Consumption of sugary drinks is now the single largest caloric intake in children.

Initiative By American Heart Association Aims To Curb Childhood Obesity
Over the past year, the United States has seen a dramatic incline in childhood …

Psoriasis Awareness Psoriasis Awareness

Learn More About This Common Autoimmune Disease
Psoriasis (sore-EYE-ah-sis) is a chronic (long-lasting) disease. It develops when a person’s immune system sends faulty signals that tell skin cells to grow too quickly. New skin cells form …

Dental Composite Fillings Dental Composite Fillings

Tooth-Colored Fillings Can Dramatically Enhance
The Appearance Of Your Teeth
By Judy Latta
Even if you brush with fluoride at least twice a day, floss regularly, and avoid sweets, you can still develop oral health problems that necessitate …

Back When …
The Downtown Conroe Fire of 1911
Back When … <br />The Downtown Conroe Fire of 1911</br>

Buildings still standing after the 1911 fire include the Courthouse, the old bank building and where Carter Drug is now located. A historical marker in front of the Montgomery County Courthouse commemorates the fire.
Many of …

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Pièces de Résistance Pièces de Résistance

The art of collecting art
By Cheryl Alexander
Photos by Gary Huff Photography
Typically when I have the opportunity to write about art, the articles spotlight artists and their work, and during the interview we will discuss their …

Sweet Potato S’Mores Sweet Potato S’Mores

Tips For Perfect Potatoes
These prize-winning recipes show you how easy it is to create unique dishes with versatile, nutritious sweet potatoes. Before you get started, remember these tips from the Louisiana Sweet Potato Commission:

Fresh sweet …

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Wines for Every Occasion Wines for Every Occasion

Picnic Wine
A new wine ad recently caught my attention. The wine is called Xo,G Wine and is intended for picnics and pool parties, where glassware is generally contraindicated. The genius of this package is in …

Mayakoba, the Venice of the Yucatan Mayakoba, the Venice of the Yucatan

Mayakoba Offers Eco-Friendly Family Fun In Riviera Maya
By Elizabeth Anthony
Mayakoba is located in romantic and picturesque Riviera Maya, Mexico’s foremost beach destination fronting the Caribbean Sea and only a short 40-minute drive from Cancun International …

Put the Brakes on Car Sickness in Dogs Put the Brakes on Car Sickness in Dogs

Preventing Fluffy’s queasy tummy on your next road trip
By Kim Salerno
With summer travel upon us, many of us plan on hitting the road with our pooches for a little summer fun. However, for some four-legged …